Oh! I found a get rich quick scheme!

Somehow, after a bit of Googling for something completely different, I ended up on AmericaBlog.com. The site seems to dedicate itself to bringing “the truth” to the American people. There’s various stories which are well worth reading, such as the recent change in security to make sure that Europe provides America with information about religious beliefs and sexual orientation when flying to the USA.

The site is good, and it’s great to see someone trying to cut through the mainstream media brain-washing. However, what I’m surprised at is their fundraising drive. Since July 19th they appear to have grabbed $17,727 in pure donations with a view to getting $20,000 to redesign their site by August 15th.

As you can see they’re well on the way to hitting the target in less than two weeks. Although they started with $5,000 I’m amazed how nearly 10,000 has flooded in so quick. The webmaster is stating that the new site must not crash and it must handle the traffic surges, plus he’s quoting $20K to build the new “Web 2.0” version of their site with extra functionality.

Whilst I’m not entirely sure whether $20,000 is value for money, I’ve noticed that he’s also stating, “we’re a high traffic site with 2.5 million page views per month”.

This bit I don’t get, because we get 3.1 million page views a month.


10 grand in two weeks? Fupping heck! Maybe I should try a fundraising drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)