Driving me to drink

This is a Morrisons Miles voucher. It’s part of a loyalty scheme to get you buying petrol and then spending in the Morrisons. The idea is that you fill up, swipe your special loyalty card and add up “miles”. When you get to a certain level of miles you get one of these – a 5 voucher.

I usually fill up at Morrisons anyway because their supermarket petrol is cheap and the fuel station isn’t too far from our house. This voucher scheme is a bit of an added bonus because, with the miles I do to and from work (around a 76 mile round trip per day), it soon adds up and I get vouchers fairly regularly.

So what’s the best thing about these vouchers? Well, I’ll tell you. You can get beer with them, and that’s great. 5 will usually get you 8 cans if there’s an offer on. Splendid.

It gives a new meaning to the term, “you’re driving me to drink”. :)