Cars you should NOT buy!

The Chery Amulet is a top-selling Chinese car in Russia. It’s a popular vehicle and can be seen around most of Russia. Now, top car magazine AutoReview did a Euro-NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) test on it. Chery officials were present during the Amulet crash test as the car was driven at 40 mph into a solid barrier. The left side of the car hits the barrier and the car should “consume” the energy of the crash and leave the main cabin in tact.

Well, that’s the theory any way. The result, as you’ll see below, is unbelievable. Chrysler and Fiat executives take note, because apparently they’ve entered into agreements to have Chinese manufacturer Chery build cars for them. Put simply, you don’t want to be in this car, it’s bad…

There’s other terrible examples, including the hugely popular Ford F-150 from the USA….

…the Pontiac Montana

… the Landwind SUV (nope, I’ve never heard of it either)

But wait – possibly the worst one ever has to be the 2007 Brilliance BS6. Made again in China under the name of “Zhonghua”. It received one star in the EuroNCAP test… :( My advice? DON’T BUY ONE OF THESE! :)

..and if you’re curious, below you can see how a Toyota Auris performed in the very same test. As you can see hardly any of the impact was carried into the main part of the car.

If you can’t see the vids above, check