Tornadoes everywhere!! Panic!!! AGH!

Today the wind appears to be hitting the headlines. There’s been much talk about “several tornadoes” causing widespread damage. Here’s some pictures of the shocking devastation…

A fence panel!!! Blown over!!!!! AGH!!! Quick!!! Call the fire brigade! Wait though, because over in Nottingham there’s worse to come …

A branch!!! A whole branch!!! My god, I don’t think I can take sheer level of destruction. This is just too much to bear. Now to Nuneaton where the tornadoes have destroyed … more fence panels!!!

OK, I’ll stop being sarcastic now. I’m thinking that the media has slightly over reacted to this. It’s a bit of wind – some fence panels have blown off. Look, they’re not even broken! They’ve just fallen out of the slots. It’s going to take two men about 5 minutes to put those back in place. That’s not really “serious damage to buildings and property” is it?

Oh fine, a caravan got turned upside down. Big wow, they usually fall over if you tow them at any more than 50mph anyhow. They’re not the most stable things in the world are they ? Oh and yes, some tiles fell off a roof. Boo hoo.

Let’s get a bit of perspective shall we? This is just a bit of wind. It’s Autumn. Seriously.

Link and pics – Sky News