Whoops! Sorry! Heads up!

I heard this on the news this morning. It involves an RAF jet which, whilst on a training exercise, accidentally dropped a bomb. Don’t worry though, because it wasn’t a real bomb. It was a 14Kg lump of concrete and it fell “somewhere near Nothumberland”.

A spokesman for the RAF said…

“Even if the practice bomb survived the fall, we would stress it is highly unlikely to represent a significant danger to the public.”

Wait… Wait a minute. It’s NOT a danger to the public. Have I got that right? So they’re basically saying that a 14Kg lump of concrete, that fell from a jet “by accident”, would NOT be a danger?

Well, let me be the first to disagree slightly. In my humble opinion I think that a large fake bomb, weighing 14Kg, falling from the sky at great speed, MIGHT JUST BE DANGEROUS!!!

Link – BBC News