Local newspaper story of the week…

I’ve gotta love the local newspaper. It’s come through yet again with another classic story.

Meet Ace. Yes, Ace. His name is Ace. His mom, called Teresa Street (yes, that makes him Ace Street) is upset because his local school has refused to teach him whilst his hair looks like this. Actually, this is how it looks now, because Teresa has been “forced” to cut it by the school – it was actually longer than this.

See what the reporter did there? “The schools’ head didn’t think it was ace”… ahhahahaha! Oh dear.

But wait, it gets better..

Yes, little 9-year-old Ace has a brother .. called Blade. Blade has a mohican. Blimey. I can just imagine the scene now. Teresa popping to the shop with Ace and Blade for tea. Ace has his retro mullet and Blade has his mohican. Now, sure – I’m all up for being able to express yourself however you want, but Ace and Blade ?? How come this lady has named her sons after super heroes?