An intruder in the house

Last night I had a bit of a rude awakening. I woke up to hear some banging in our kitchen downstairs. Presuming it was the cat knocking something over I checked the time – it was 4.30. I was about to roll over and get back to sleep when I realised that the cat was actually curled up on our bed.

Now, this is where things go a bit weird, because – although I was awake – my brain hadn’t really fired up its’ “reasoned decision making” process.

What would you do if you hear someone banging about in your kitchen in the middle of the night?

Yes, that’s right, you go to the toilet.

For some reason I stood there listening to the banging downstairs … having a pee..

My brain started waking up a little more and I thought that now, after relieving myself, I would confront the intruders. I went for it, running down the stairs, turning the corner and through the hall ….. absolutely stark naked…..

Hmmm.. It seems that my brain hadn’t “totally” woken up.

I ran into the kitchen and checked the back door …. but it was locked. I could still hear the banging so I looked around to find that ……….. The fridge was on “defrost” mode. The banging was simply the boxes and door-seal expanding and making a “pop” noise :(