25 Million bank details, available now

Oh dear, the UK Government seem to have completely lost their heads and have lost a CD containing the personal data of 25 million people. The details include names, addresses, dates of birth, child benefit numbers, bank details and National Insurance numbers.

The Prime Minister (Mr “I look permanently drunk” Brown) said of the news..

“We take the protection of personal data extremely seriously,”

It’s OK, they put a password on the CD’s so all is well. Surely no password has ever been cracked ever, so that’s fine and we can all sleep at night.

Have a read of this Guardian story or look at the comments made to the BBC.

I’m not usually political, but this is utterly unforgivable. How long before this CD ends up on BitTorrent or other places on the web? The Government can’t just say, “We’ve still got full confidence in the system” when the banks are leaving your details in bags outside their doors and the Government is posting CD’s with about half the populations secret details on it!!!

Ah, it’s ok, someone has found them..

..and they seem to be available on BitTorrent too ;)

Ok, one more… ;)