M6 Toll – The prices just keep on rising

Thanks once again to my friends at M6Toll. They’ve delivered a lovely Christmas present to everyone who’s forced to use the motorway to escape the insanity that is the M6.

The price now has increase again to 4.50, plus they’re penalising us Tag holders by increasing the “lease” rate to 1 per month. Strewth.

If I use this motorway I can get to work in 30 minutes, if I don’t it’ll take me nearly 50. If Emily uses it then she saves nearly 40 minutes on her journey time, but if I used it every day it would cost me 40 per week, which is around 160 per month. Insane. They should re-pave this motorway in gold or something, because if they keep continually increasing the price there’ll only get Directors and Managers driving on it.

Link – M6Toll