Powercell Batteries – Don’t buy them, they’re rubbish

See these batteries? Well, they’re incredibly cheap and you’ll get truck-loads of them for your money. They range in price from 1 to 3 and you may be tempted to grab some to power those many Christmas toys over the festive season.

A little word of advice from me though…

Don’t buy them, they’re crap. They’re so crap they either…

a) Power the toy / device for a few seconds before going flat

b) Power the toy / device for a whole minute

c) Don’t power the device at all

I think we got some last Christmas and they were appauling. We’ve still got them now, as they’ll just about power our lounge clock for a couple of weeks before going flat. My advice? Get some rechargeable ones, you’ll save yourself a fortune in the long-term.

Link (and pic) – Idiot Toys