Yet another shooting spree

I’ve blogged about this many times over these past five years, and yet again it’s happened. Here in the UK we’re not allowed to buy guns to any great degree. You won’t find them in peoples’ houses and there’s only very rare occurances of gun crime. When I went to the US many years ago I took the opportunity to visit a firing range where I saw children as young as 7 with their parents, shooting silhouttes of people with great accuracy.. with real guns. For someone who doesn’t encounter guns, gun-shops or anything gun-related it’s a shock for a Brit.

So, yet again, there’s another shooting in the USA and many people are killed. It’s almost expected that every few months a mass shooting will happen in a school, shopping mall, car-park or petrol station in America. As usual, absolutely nothing will be done about it and it will happen again.

How long until the next lonely teenager gets a gun and starts shooting ?

Link – Sky News