Christmas Spirit

Shopping at Christmas isn’t much fun for us blokes. However, I did enjoy people-watching today. Selfridges was particularly funny. I saw crowds of blokes standing around the perfume counters trying to grab something for their girlfriend or wife. They all seemed to be doing the same thing – asking the heavily-made-up lady behind the counter what smells best or is the most popular, then buy the biggest bottle of it possible.

As for me, I was getting dragged around after finally getting over my “Extreme Man Flu” which has been with me for over a week now. You name it, I’ve had it, hot sweats, nights and nights of no sleep, wax that just won’t shift in my ears, hacking cough, sneezing, runny nose all the cocking time, dizziness and then a chesty cough.

Oh, and the ruddy conjunctivitis was the worst ‘cus it makes your eye all bloodshot and you get this grey haze in your vision so you can’t see anything. Oh, and there’s the fact that your eyes produce too much “sleep” stuff and there were two days this week when I woke up and couldn’t open my eyes because they were glued together with gunk.

Ah – where was I ? Oh yes. Christmas shopping. It’s crazy yes, but there’s always a nice band playing nearby to fill you full of festive cheer :)

Link – Brass Band at the Trafford Centre