Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares USA – Now not so bad

Last week I slated Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares USA. The people editing the show have nearly ruined it, however this week I gave it one more shot – and, surprisingly, this week it’s much better. At the Seascape restaurant in New York Ramsay let rip into the dirty, lazy, greasy Chefs.

Ramsay waded in and, in his usual style, told them exactly what he thought. If there’s one thing I love about this new American show it’s the massive emphasis on the huge difference between the British and the Americans. I love America and Britain of course, but the Americans love to congratulate and big each other up. This is great, and we could do with a little of this attitude here in the UK. There’s positives and negatives about both attitudes, but the differences are shown in close-up here.

Tonight the chefs were lazy and over confident. “I don’t see a problem”, said Doug (right), “Ramsay coming here is a bit of an insult”. After just minutes Ramsay went straight saying…

“What the f** is this f***ing s**t ? Touch the f***ing walls you f*** lazy f***ing a**eholes!”

In the end they were sacked. :) I’ve now got in the habit of recording the show on Sky+ and zapping out the several minutes of interviews and stage-setting that isn’t really needed. :)