Snow!! Panic!! Lock your doors! Don’t go out!

After all the severe weather warnings and news of road closures up in Scotland I decided to go outside and take a photo of the snow. There was a problem though.. No snow. No snow at all here, but then – I turned round and spotted enough snow to panic half the population of Britain on my bin.

The snow flakes, as you can see by the picture, are dangerously big and it’s more than enough to send the population into a frenzy. People will be running into shops buying tonnes of bread and milk and saying stupid comments like, “I’ve got enough to see me through, just in case we get snowed in for a few days”. On the motorways cars and lorries will be sliding off the road due to the giant flakes and roads will be closed as the five or six flakes clump together.

Anarchy!!! PANIC!!!!!!!