Yet another frozen cabriolet driver

I’ve blogged about this before, but I’m going to do it again. It’s all about people who drive soft-top cars.. y’know, cabriolets. I can understand why they want to put the top down, it’s a major selling point and it gives you a new driving experience. Fantastic. I understand. But, why the heck are you taking the top down in the middle of winter?

This morning I left the house at 8am and got the ice off the windscreen. Down the street I could see other people pouring warm water onto their windscreens or scraping their windows. Luckily the rented Focus I’m driving has this clever de-icing technology built into the windscreen, so I just sat and waited for it to melt.

Off I drove, going past children wearing gloves and scarves. You can see from the picture above how cold it was – 2 degrees celcius. Pah, that’s not cold, not to this guy, who I spotted in a lay-by putting his top DOWN…

Yes, I watched this guy pull over and press the magic button that folds his roof away into his boot. Just what the frig is going through his brain at 8.15am ? Sure, the sun is out – but it’s a clear and very cold day. All you are going to achieve by putting your roof down is ..

1) A very cold face

2) Laughter from other road users

So don’t do it.. It’s WINTER you fool!