The ultimate in toilet seat technology!

This site is fantastic, I love doing it, but I do have a normal life too. I’ll usually blog about selected bits of my life that may seem partially interesting to you, the casual browser. So, you may be surprised that this blog post concentrates on….. Our new toilet seat.

At the moment we’re trying to get our house finished. We moved in only a few months ago and we’ve done lots of work to it. Nothing seems to be easy or quick in this house, and that’s mainly because the previous owners botched everything. We started with a new shower, but then found that the electrical connection wasn’t up to the job, so I had to rip up nearly every floor-board from the bedroom, across the landing and then feed up a new 10mm cable through the ceiling and into the shower via a switch.

After than came a new lounge, out with the old carpet and d