Broken Britain

A lot of people think the UK has changed in recent years. I used to live in Dudley and Wednesbury, and that’s changed beyond recognition since I was a small child. These towns have now become a multi-cultural melting pot and many people have varying opinions on the changes. Now the Defence Department here in the UK are starting to worry about the loss of our “British Identity”. Have a read of this Sky News article for the full list of recommendations and problems.

As usual, the news item has been opened up for the great British public to reply to. Here’s one if the comments, which everyone who’s read this story seems to agree with. …

“I moved to a foreign country several years ago. I didn’t arrive and expect everyone to just accomodate me. I didn’t go out and build a fish and chip shop, demand they open a tesco’s or buy big red buses just to make me feel at home. I didn’t expect them to change their language so as not to offend my fragile religeous beliefs…I just respected the fact the I am a guest and I am the one who has to change and fit in. The UK government need to grow a pair and grow a pair soon. People should have the freedom to practise whatever relegion they want but you make a threat aginst the country, you practise hate or violence, you incite acts of terror and support those who do then you are gone. No messing about with all this human rights nonsense – you are on the first military transport ship out of the UK back to wherever you came from. If you are a UK citizen, you are off to a military jail for the protection of the masses. Don’t like it? DONT COME – end of story…”

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