Website highlight of the weeeeekk…

Every time I mention Gemma Atkinson around here I get dozens of emails telling me off for posting pictures of semi-clad women. It’s a fair point, so I’ve been extremely careful when snipping this photo. Gemma is this week out promoting something. What it is I have no idea, but she’s wearing some pink basque and drinking Guiness. Top bird.

Right, now before I get a torrent of abuse, I must point out that this link contains a fair amount of cleavage. There’s nothing rude here, and I am warning you in advance if you’re in the middle of a very busy office with the head of IT standing right behind you. OK? Good. Just don’t email me.. :)

Edit – Ah.. OK, OK. The way I’ve trimmed that photo does make it look even more suggestive and rude than the orignal photo. I must apologise – I was simply trying to trim down the masses of cleavage on the shot. Honest.

Link –