Numbrella – The all-new umbrella!

When it rains you’ll no doubt grab an umbrella. There’s a few problems with these things though – they’ll fly about in the wind, they bash into other people, other umbrellas and all manner of street furniture.

Luckily… errm… yes.. I think that’s the right word.. Luckily the Nubrella is here, offering complete hands-free rain protection. Here’s a lovely lady wearing one. Doesn’t she look all dry and nice? Not at all strange. Oh no.

Plus, if you’re using your phone (well, this is a phone website after all), you can happily make calls without having to worry about using a whole hand to support an umbrella Genius..

I think they’re on to something. Sure, the design needs tweaking slightly. Maybe make it a bit smaller, maybe add an opening at the front so that you can breathe and talk to people. You could even attach it to a coat and put a bit of fur around the face opening. You could call it something cool like a “hood”.

Do they do tinted ones for ugly people?

Link –

Update – Blimey, check out the video goodness!