Blimey! A blog post!

Here I am. Yep, still alive. For me not to post in my blog for nearly four weeks is a bit strange, but I have very good reason. This is baby Billy. Our son.

There’s such a lot to mention regarding the birth but, like most of the massive things in my life, I spend quite some time enjoying and not enough typing :) Billy was born after a long labour on March 27th. He’s now progressing really well and we’re doing a sort of “tag team” to keep the late night / middle of the night / early morning feeds flowing on schedule.

I’ve learned quite a few things these last few weeks, and they are…

1) Never, ever, make jokes about childbirth. What I saw Emily go through is NOT a joke!
2) Sleep is very much over-rated.

3) You can never work a baby out. Is he hungry? Hot? Cold? Has he filled his nappy? Nope, he just wants to barf milk on your shoulder. :)

I’m quickly learning that yes, it is hard work but yes, it’s very much worth it! :)

I want to thank everyone who’s emailed and posted in the forum wishing us all the best. It’s warmly appreciated.