The Credit Crunch bites

Well, let’s face it. We’re all screwed. House prices are slipping, fuel prices are rising, electricity costs are going up, food costs are soaring, firms are laying off staff and we’ve already heard the phrase “Credit Crunch” two hundred times. To be honest I thought it was a new type of chocolate bar but alas no.

The future, it seems, is looking a bit crap for the lot of us. It hit home for me when a neighbour – who’s trying to sell their house for 199,995 – reduced it, after 6 weeks, to 189,995. The property is in a great location, on a nice estate, and it’s still not selling. Worst of all, they paid 187,000 for it…… 3 YEARS AGO.

I went to the petrol station today too. It’s something I’ve not done for over a month because I’ve taken quite a bit of time off work with baby Billy coming along. I was shocked at the fuel prices – 1.20 per litre for Diesel and around 1.12 for petrol per litre. This is getting mental. I probably told you some weeks ago about the guy who put over 100 of fuel into his 4×4 – this will probably be me in a few weeks time if the prices keep going up. If you work it out to gallons, it means that petrol now costs around 14,000 per gallon (ok, I’m too tired to work it out).

That’s it, I’m off to live in the Caribbean.. hopefully in a hut without a mortgage!