Don’t park your car in London

Have a read of this forum post. It shows some rather over zealous parking wardens in London attempting to take a car away that had gone just 10 minutes over it’s allowed stay.

A flat-bed truck turns up and attempts to quickly pick the car up, however things don’t exactly go to plan as the car tips wildly forwards and hits both the truck and the road. According to the post a second truck turned up to try and help out (don’t ask me how) but in the end they had to give up and dump the car back on the ground. A cheeky traffic warden even attempted to polish out a large crease in the roof after the trucks drove off – then slapped a second parking ticket on it after the guy controlling the crane completely cocked everything up.

Most Brits will no doubt know that London is not a car friendly country (neither is most of the UK right now, with fuel costing 1.20 a litre), but these pictures – available in full here, show an extra degree of idiocy from the local parking wardens. It appears that the wardens waited to take the 56 plate Merc, then almost trashed the car in the process.

What I particularly love about this gallery of pictures is the fact that the guy snapping the shots has taken several minutes stood directly in the face of the crane driver and all the wardens to record the rubbish attempt to enforce the parking laws in London. It’s not just one photo, there’s stacks! Top work.

Lesson for today? If you’re planning on going to London, don’t drive!

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