Poddy !

It’s not often – if ever – that I discuss my mates on here. However, there’s one guy I’ve lost touch with and just found on facebook. Back in the day, when I was at college, he and several others made sure that beer was appreciated and loved. As for me, I never touched the stuff… honest.

So it’s great to see him alive and well. This is Poddy – I’ll not mention his real name, but this picture pretty much sums him up. Sometimes I wish I could still do that much drinking :) We used to finish work at about 4pm (we worked for local supermarkets at the time) and have a few drinks in the afternoon. Then, after going home to eat some grub, we’d go straight back out again and get absolutely trolleyed at the nearest bar, pub or club with the rest of our mates. After stumbling in at 4AM it was usually a rude awakening at 6.15 to go back and do the whole thing again. Ahhh those were the days :)

Respect to you Mr Pod!