Is it wrong? I think so

Right, I’ve got to blog this. It’s just wrong. So, so wrong. Am I weird for thinking it’s wrong? Well, let me tell you about what just happened. Perhaps you will agree.

Today I’m in an office building. There’s lots of companies inside and it’s all very posh. However, I’ve just gone to the gents toilets and something just plain wrong was happening. I walked in and, instantly, I’m hit with a smell which was perhaps worse than a failed science experiment involving sulphur, wet dog hair and cabbage. Someone was in the cubicle, so I quickly made my way to the urinal in order to breathe some air from the window before I passed out.

But that’s not the weird bit. This guy was on the phone. He was on his mobile chatting away with one of his colleagues about firewalls and trace routes…

“Yes mate, I’ve done a trace to that IP and it works fine, so I know there’s no problem with routing..”

He carried on waffling while I stood there. Is it just me or is that weird? Who the heck answers or makes a call while their trousers are around their ankles? It’s just wrong. It shouldn’t be encouraged.

I couldn’t wait to turn the hand-dryer on. Hopefully it would (a) let the other person know he was on the toilet while talking to him and (b) the air from the dryer would perhaps blow the smell away from where I was standing.

It’s not right though is it ?

(Oh, and “toilet cubicle” = “stalls” for anyone in America) :)