West Virginia shows the world what they think

I had just have to link to this video. It covers the rather strange views of residents in West Virginia on the Presidential Elections in the USA. The idiotic, insane and crazy views are just jaw-droppingly unbelievable.

The two women in the coffee shop are perhaps worse, with one saying that Barack Obama isn’t an American. When challenged by the interviewer she changes her mind and says, “Sure, OK, he’s American.. but his mother…..” What? Are you mental woman? Surely all Americans are from outside America at one point? It’s a fairly young country – seriously, check out a history book sometime you nutter. She then goes on to call him a Muslim, and from then on the sheer level of racism and low intelligence is just plain shocking. Why are they calling him black ? Surely he’s mixed race? But how the hell does his skin colour have any affect on things?

Link – TheRealNews.com