We had a two-car accident, yet no-one was driving.

So, another busy weekend is over. We managed to get quite a bit of stuff done – our fireplace is back in and we’ve cleaned the driveway and done lots of gardening. On Saturday we were getting a few well deserved minutes rest on the sofa when, suddenly, Em’s car alarm went off. This was strange, especially when it was parked on the drive and had never gone off before. It’s not an alarm that’s triggered by cats or anything like that, so we both got up to have a look.

Emily got to the window first, while I went to grab the keys…

“Oh..”, she said, “…errr.. It’s rolled off the drive..”

Now, how it had done this will be revealed in a moment. It was rather strange though. The car had been parked on our drive for several hours when it suddenly decided to make a break for freedom.

“It’s rolling into the road!”, said Emily once more.

At that, I ran through the hall and opened the door…

“It’s OK love”, said Em, “your car has stopped it…”

Oh, that’s OK then.. :) Yes, instead of rolling into the road and bouncing off the kerb opposite, I’d “luckily” parked my car across the drive and the Mini had gone into it. Reason ? The handbrake wasn’t on. Emily had got out of the car and had so much to carry (baby and baby paraphernalia etc) that she’d forgotten to put it on. End result – it had rolled down the drive.

I still can’t quite figure how it happened, especially as our drive is level, but there y’go. There’s a couple of scratches on the Mini and a slightly bigger scratch on my car, however it’s got so many battle scars now that it really pales into insignificance :)