US Mortgage lenders sink due to stupid names

Further evidence that the economy in the US is totally screwed came yesterday as two huge financial institutions revealed their names.

Mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac admitted that they had utterly stupid names and deserved everything they got. Fannie and Freddie are now seeing their share prices drop as investors gradually realise that they should have chosen something more sensible like “HSBC” or “LloydsTSB”.

CEO of Fannie Mae, Mr Tit Warbler, stated, “We should have realised many years ago that Fannie Mae was just an insane name for a financial institution. Come on, if we’re honest it sounds like a doughnut shop. We were utterly screwed from the outset and we’ve only got ourselves to blame.”

News also appeared today that another mortgage lender called “IndyMac” has gone bust. Again, critics are warning that the silly name is to blame.

Fears are growing for Tit Monkey Lending, Wobble Bottom Mortgages and Arsegrabber Bumcheek Financing (USA)