Fifth Gear just gets better and better

Fifth Gear is going up in my estimation – there seems to be more programmes being made (Top Gear is on a constant loop at the BBC with what feels like 4 or 5 new shows per series) and the filming has got much better.

I loved the episode from last Monday – Tiff Needell and Jason Plato test the BMW M3 E92 (Oooofff) and Lexus IS-F (Oooooooofff). I’d have to agree with Jason, who said in the first part of the film that the Lexus drives “too Lexus-ee” and “just snaps” on corners. Yes, yes it does. After trashing two Lexus IS200’s I can confirm that watching the rear-end spinning past you isn’t good fun.

What I enjoyed though was Tiff’s driving in the second bit of the track test. Some lovely ladies hopped into the car to help guage the “excitement” of the drive. Jason drove around as fast as he could, doing a little bit of show-boating, but then Tiff got in the BMW and made out like he didn’t know how to drive. You have to love his style. This is excellent stuff – watch what he does to the poor ladies… ;)