The Night Garden – What the hell is going on ?

I’m watching a lot of kids shows at the minute. Things are NOT like they were when I was a child. Now there’s stacks of childrens channels and even a few dedicated to babies! One show is called “The Night Garden” and is just …. mad.. It’s on CBeebies and the characters sound like words Jim Davidson would use in his shows. The Ninky Nonk, Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos.

Hang on a minute.. who the hell comes up with this stuff?

If you’ve seen it, you’ll think you’ve taken some sort of mind-altering drug. It is, quite simply, insane. I reckon the BBC just go outside and drag in some p*****d-up people off the streets..

“Hey guys, come and make a kids show”

“Well OK, can we have some characters called WakkiBakki and a Friggle Miggle? Can they all run around and toot horns with some sort of train thing called BingoBongo or something?”

“Yeah sure, we’ll pay you stacks”