UK Economy – Sale! Everything must go! Bargains!

You’re probably all aware that the economy is completely knackered at the moment so our Prime Minister and Chancellor are trying to find ways around it. Today he’s to announce a cut in VAT – the first change in a long, long time. It’s aimed at boosting consumer spending and getting the economy going again. He’s reducing the rate from 17.5% to 15%… that’s a mammoth 2.5% off almost everything you buy! Wow!


Wait a minute.. 2.5% off? That’s not really much is it? I mean, you’re hardly going to have the sale of the century if you’re a shop owner are you? Would you put signs up saying, “Sale now on! 2.5% off!” ? No, you wouldn’t.

Work it out.. 2.5% off ten quid – that’s 25p. Coorrr.. What a bargain. I’m rich again! I don’t need to worry when the 100 gas bill comes in now, because I’m going to get a WHOLE 2.50 saving!

Job done!

Oh, and if I hear “Economic Downturn” mentioned on the news I think I’ll go mad. It’s a bl**dy big-ass recession is what it is, not a “downturn” or a “crunch” of any kind. Grrr…