Tunes from Seattle

I was lucky enough to be in Seattle recently. The radio and music is very different in the USA and I searched through the local stations with the radio in the hotel. Most stations were talk shows, traffic news and endless amounts of adverts, however C89.5 was a blast of fresh air. The music was just… brilliant. Proper dance tunes, great mixes and house tunes. I had it cranked up in the room, and now I’m back home it’s great to see an online stream available.

The most amazing bit about this is that it’s run by school students but broadcasts on the FM band in Seattle. It’s owned by Seattle Public Schools and serves as a training ground for anyone wanting to get into media or radio presenting. Brilliant stuff! I’m going to add this to my internet radio so I can bop away in the kitchen and I’ve got it streaming at work too. If only this was available on DAB in the UK. Brilliant station. :)