LloydsTSB – kicking you when you’re down

OK, I mentioned my bank on the front page of the site and, to be honest, it’s not the place to do it. Here, in my blog, is perhaps a better place to slate my bank. They are, without doubt, totally uncaring towards their customers.

I’ve been dodging the “account review” that they insist I’ve been needing for around 2 years now. It’s mainly because the last “review” consisted of them trying to sell house insurance, car insurance, credit cards, mortgages and pensions even though I’d already got them cheaper elsewhere. This time I was told to go because I’d slipped over the overdraft. This happens, especially when you’ve had a baby and you’re income is from just one wage. I had a chat to them, but again I found myself being sold a re-mortgage.

This annoyed me. The hideously large charges levied onto my account are the same as other customers and it’s already in the news with several thousand people trying to get the money back. It was suggested that the bank could PERHAPS “help” with the charges if I decided to go for the mortgage with them. When I checked this it seems that it is in fact illegal to return the charges as an incentive to get a product from the bank…


..they could EXTEND the overdraft temporarily if I took the re-mortgage.

This annoyed me, so I’ve declined, and again we’ve had another set of charges on our account. Now we’ve got a total of 600 in charges, which has annoyed the crap out of me. Banks are utter b*******ds and they’re getting everything they deserve in this economic disaster they’ve created.