Some strange pics from our week in the sun

Well, after returning from our hols I thought I’d share some photos I snapped on my phone whilst out there. The first is this rather interesting washing powder. I think it’s probably got a whole different meaning in Spanish-speaking contries, but here in the UK you’d struggle to sell a detergent called “Colon”.. :)

Above the colon (ahem) was another cleaning product. I think this one is meant for your bathroom, but it made me think of a toilet. It’s a Flota!

Meanwhile, nearer to the main tourist “strip” there’s everything a holiday-maker could want. Copied sun-glasses, cheap cigarettes, cheap beer and knock-off watches by “G+B”. I can only assume that it stands for “Golce and Babanna” :)

Then, when we got home, we did what everyone does when they get back home – we fell over a mountain of post and free newspapers. We’d had someone collect the post for us but, in the space of just three days, we’d had three different charities drop off plastic bags for clothes. Y’know the sort – they ask for unused clothes to give to needy children or to put into shops for raising money for charity. Whilst I can’t argue with their motives I sometimes wonder why several always appear at once.