Bent MP’s. Crooked Government

Right, this whole expenses thing. It’s simple. Get out. I don’t give a monkeys if it was “within the rules” or “within the spirit of the rules”. If you’re an MP representing a London borough, owning a house in London and claiming for a second home – get out. I don’t care about the rules. Out. Toilet seats? Massive plasma TVs? Out. Out the lot of you.

Remember this. If the Telegraph newspaper hadn’t blown the lid on all this then it would STILL be going on and the rules would STILL let MP’s (who already earn 65,000 per year even when they live outside London) claim for pretty much everything under the sun.

The average Joe on the street is losing his job. He’s worried about his family and how he’s gonna feed his kids. The MP’s are supposed to represent us. They’re supposed to have values. Saying sorry is not good enough. Paying the money back is not good enough. Would they have done that if the newspapers hadn’t found out? No. Out. Now.

Stop claims for crazy crap.

Open up the claims system so that it’s under the freedom of information act.

Balls to the rules. The rules were too liberal in the first place and the MP’s should have questioned them but nobody did. Therefore it does unfortunately tarnish all MP’s with the same brush.