It’s election time, so …. WOAH !

I’m sorry love. You’re probably doing a great job for the community and I appreciate someone stuffing your flyer through my door for the local elections tomorrow, but ..

a) I think it’ll be the lowest ever turn-out for an election due to most MP’s robbing the hard-working British public blind with insane expenses claims.

b) Come on, you COULD have come up with a better picture than THAT! Where was it taken? In a knackered photo-booth down at the local train station after a hard night on the booze? Wha happen?

c) Who the frig are you? I’ve never heard of anything you’ve done, in fact this is the first time I’ve seen or heard anything about you.

So no, I won’t be voting for this lady tomorrow. In fact I’m a little puzzled why I’ve seen hardly any election activity in the area. Perhaps they’ve all given up or are too busy renting their second homes out whilst claiming huge mortgages back ? Dunno.

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