Funky British coins – did you know?

OK, I feel a little late to the party here, but I was wondering earlier why I’ve started seeing more and more coins with off-centre designs. I couldn’t work it out and assumed it was just some sort of funky new design. British readers may have seen strange new designs appearing on 1 and 2 coins plus some strange patterns on the 50p, so I assumed this was just more of the same until someone told me to arrange them like this.

Yep, the Shield of the Royal Arms has been split onto several different coins. Put them together like this and you’ll see the (almost) full picture. I’m actually missing a 1 coin at the top – this shows the shield itself (you can see how it should look the Royal Mint). Woaha. Who’d have thought that 88p could be so much fun huh ?

Every day is a school day.

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