The Google Maps car – It’s snapped my entire family

I’ve just driven past the Google Maps car. It’s quite interesting to see it in the flesh actually. People walk past it and stare – some don’t quite know what to make of it, others jump up and down to try and become famous.

Driving past it this morning reminded me about something I wanted to blog a couple of weeks back. I came home and Emily mentioned in passing that she saw a strange-looking car going past our house. I didn’t think it would be the Google Maps car, because we live in a street which is fairly tucked away. It’s a leafy estate which isn’t near any main roads, so I figured this wouldn’t be the Google Maps car. I asked what it looked like and Emily pretty much described the dark blue Astra Estate with the pole sticking out the roof and multiple camera lenses on top.

Yep, that’s the Google Maps car alright.

“What were you doing when you spotted it?”, I asked.

“Me and Billy were in the lounge looking at the birdies”, said Emily.

The birdies are a couple of pigeons that sit on the street light opposite our house. Billy loves looking at them.

So, if you’re on Google Maps in a few months time and you look on “Street View” and see my wife and son in the window of a house, that’s where we live. :)

Oh, and if you see a guy half-asleep on the A5 near Cannock, that’s me going to work. ;)