Justice for Michael Eccles

This happened not far from where we live and it’s great to see both lads involved going down for murder. I’ve read about this in the local papers for the last few months. Michael Eccles simply went to the local shop by his house and got set upon by a drunk 16 year-old-lad and his 20-year-old mate. They kicked him to death. When Jordan Carroll (the 16-year-old) got home his dad helped him put his blood-stained clothes in the washing machine and was found guilty today of perverting the course of justice.

Both lads have been found guilty of murder and rightfully so. I’ve had to endure them both saying that they were “too drunk to remember anything” in papers for weeks. They’d been drinking vodka and roaming the streets.

When stories like this and the Baby P murderers appear in the news it makes me wonder why less and less people seem to have respect or values.

Picture / Link – BBC News