Twitter spam seems to be on the rise

I doubt that there’s a quick-fix to this type of spam. Spammers are quickly realising that they can sign up to Twitter, post a Tweet saying, “I’m a hot brunette, check out my site here…” and then start following as many people as possible.

An email will then drop into your mailbox, telling you that you’re being followed …

When you see the profile picture most blokes will go “Wehay! She’s nice” and click on her link to perhaps follow her or see what she’s doing. When you do, you’ll see a link to the spam site in one of her Tweets.

The question is. How can this be stopped? Twitter isn’t going to ban URLs, and the spammers know that shortcut URL’s can’t be blocked. Twitter isn’t going to block people from joining either, so I can’t see how this isn’t going to grow. :(