The Friday newsletter

Every now and then I completely rip several links form the newsletter and dump them here. Here’s some excellent ones !

Paul Mckenna (y’know, the hypnotist) tells you have to have a good ‘ole Tommy Tank.. (Slightly NSFW, needs sound)
Celebs photoshopped to have short legs. Weirdly pleasing..

Religious extremists attempt an anti-gay demo in San Francisco but they’re hidden from sight by the descending crowd of pranksters, eager to try out their own home-made gag signs.

Computer graphics expert renders his entire online resume in MS Paint.
The talking sex-bot. An inventor unveils $7,000 interactive sex doll. Great huh? But why does it look like a drunk Catherine Tate? “Look at my face, is my face bovvered? Face? Bovvered?”

Some live video cast goes oh-so-badly wrong. This one had me crying with laughter.. (needs sound)

A dog that smiles. Oh sweet lord. Wind forward to about 40 seconds…

Helping social networking addicts.. (needs sound)