So I got my insurance renewal..

So it’s that time of year again when the car insurance renewal comes through. About this time two years ago I succumbed to the constant advertising from comparison websites such as Go Compare, Compare the Market and so on.

After a few sweeps I found a really cheap quote with “Marks and Spencer Car Insurance”, which is just Budget Car Insurance under a different name. I signed up because they were way cheaper than my renewal price.

Then I had the accident. I found out that the insurers didn’t give me a courtesy car and wouldn’t pick me up after the accident either. Rubbish. I decided to change when renewal was up. I did, and this time I went direct with Direct Line. No kick-backs are paid to the comparison site and you get a better deal. It ended up being a very good deal – about 100 quid less than I was paying.

Now this year the renewal quote has come through again. This time Direct Line want 460 quid for my Audi A4 SLine. It’s a good price, but I wanted to check, so I’ve just been back on the comparison sites and yet again no-one is coming close. What’s worse is what happens if you look down the other end of the scale – some insurers are offering insane prices. How do they get away with charging nearly 2 grand?!