Flying around Europe

Well, I have to say one thing straight off. Swiss Airlines are pretty fantastic. I’ve never flown with them before but the whole process of boarding, getting secured and taking off was faultless, smooth and polished.

However.. I’ve got to admit that I’m a child. I’m actually typing this whilst on board the Fokker 100 and, somehow, I felt a little smile appear on my face when the stewardess said, “Welcome on board this Fokker …. ”

Is that a bad thing ?

I’ll also tell you about the airport. I doubt this will be interesting to everyone but I want to make sure that I remember this.

I arrived at the airport and checked in. The lovely lady then told me I was in the wrong queue. “You’re in Business Class, Sir. You need to go through the priority channel at security. The Business lounges are here…”

Wha? Business Class? I felt privileged and embarrassed all at the same time, although I think the latter is a British trait. I went up to security and saw a huge throng of people squashed together – all waiting to go through the no-shoes scanning and padding. I felt weird. A man ushered me through an empty section where the words “Priority Channel” hung above. Again, I felt a little guilty. I wanted to reach across to the families that had saved all year for their week in the sun. “Come with me little ones, I’ll get you out of the crowd”… but no.

A lady waved me through, I was ushered through security like some sort of Diplomat and into the Departure lounge and told, “Business lounge that way Sir”

No. No, no, NO!

I’m common as muck damn it, and proud! I’m sitting here with everyone else. The Business Lounge isn’t my place and it never will be.