The laptop has taken another hit

My poor laptops. Whatever laptop I have, it gets such a battering. This Vaio has taken some serious punishment over the years, but I’m perhaps a little different to some geeks / techy people. Why? Well, I get attached to things. This laptop has served me well over the years. A RAM upgrade and a fresh Windows 7 install has given it a fresh lease of life and I really don’t see any reason to buy another one.

Billy likes it too and he decided to rip the DVD / CD ROM out the other day. It’s beyond repair because the ribbon cable got snapped in two. Where the drive was is now a huge hole. I guess it adds ventilation. When you have kids you quickly learn that things will get broken, so this isn’t a big deal. He did a pretty decent job actually – you can take a look up close if you want. :)

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