Build yourself a model boat

I moan about stuff sometimes. Those magazines that get advertised with free gifts or things you have to build… I don’t like them. You may have seen them. They usually sell the first edition for 99p to get you interested, then the other editions are a few quid.

Here’s one I spotted tonight. You can build this big-ass boat. Nice huh? See the price down the bottom, that’s how much the magazine costs normally. So, not too bad then..

.. I think I’ll give it a shot. It can’t be that hard. I get the magazine which contains all the instructions and some of the parts, then I put it together. Now, how many magazines to I need to buy to complete this boat?

140 issues.. Hang on a minute. That’s quite a few. I’m guessing this is a weekly publication, so 140 issues is.. 2 years and .. umm about 9 months…


2 years and 9 months to build a BOAT!?!?

OK, it’s a big project. Perhaps we should look at the costs. £5.99 multiplied by 140 is.. £838.60 ?!?!

Really. That’s one big crock of shit.