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Build your own Spitfire. Just £1200

Remember when I used to post on this site? Ahh, those were the days. Before Twitter consumed my daily rants… Anyways, at the weekend I stumbled across another one of these insane “build your own” models which are part of a weekly magazine. The magazine has some components on the front of it – you stick them together week by… Read more →

Build the Routemaster. Just maybe take out a huge loan first.

I really can’t stand these “build you own” magazines. They usually involve you starting to create something using a magazine which is effectively just a bunch of adverts wrapped around some build instructions, and usually the first one in the series is discounted. Then, after you’ve bought the second, third and fourth magazine, you’re kinda getting into it and you’re… Read more →

Build yourself a model boat

I moan about stuff sometimes. Those magazines that get advertised with free gifts or things you have to build… I don’t like them. You may have seen them. They usually sell the first edition for 99p to get you interested, then the other editions are a few quid. Here’s one I spotted tonight. You can build this big-ass boat. Nice… Read more →