Vax obviously can’t be arsed..

Poor old Vax. Dyson has come along and vacuumed up the market (or should that be hoovered?) They’re pretty screwed so, with Dyson taking Patents out everywhere, Vax have just copied the shit out of every Dyson vacuum cleaner.

It’s not just the odd likeness either, they’re cloned. Same colours, same styles, same everything almost.

Have a look at this. You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a Dyson…

.. but it’s not. The image above is of a Vax Air. It’s a blatant copy of the Dyson DC26, pictured below. Check it out !!! Same grooves, same colour scheme, same wheel, same handle, same, same, same….

The stand-up vacuums are copied too. Here’s the Dyson stand-up cleaner you’ve probably seen in many homes..

…and here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Vax “version”…

Many people would say, “If you can’t beat them, join them”, but this is just sad. It’s a complete copy of the more successful brand. Heck, I know I’ve seen this in the mobile market but this… this is just so obvious that I’d be surprised if there’s no lawsuits going on..