Friends with Benefits… aghh.. annoying..

Friends with Benefits bugs me to hell. It’s distributed by Screen Gems, which is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. I was forced to watch it the other day and I’d expect the odd Sony Bravia TV, perhaps the odd Sony laptop. But AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….. it’s cringeworthy. There’s Sony Xperia phones, Sony Vaio’s, another Sony TV, and another TV, SONY SONY SONY SONY.. LOOK ANOTHER LOGO!!!

The worst bit has to be where Justin Timberlake shows hands-free technology whilst booking a train ticket, then he sends a picture message and says how glad he is that he’s “not on T-Mobile”. Bleugh. Pass the mind-bleach. One big fat advert.

Product placement OVERDRIVE…

Oh, and that’s not me, that’s Justin Timberlake..