Toilet telephone talking

I’ve probably blogged about using a mobile in public toilets before. It’s a weird habit and one I don’t fully understand. Why do people choose to answer their phone whilst relieving themselves in a cubicle? It’s rarely an important call, and usually the guy sitting next to you gets to hear every part of the conversation too.

But I’ve noticed something else.. Today someone walked into the staff toilets whilst talking on the phone. This alone isn’t unusual, people are usually finishing up a call, but this guy had literally just told the caller who he was and began to chat quite openly whilst using the urinals. This is also a little weird, especially to female readers, but toilets aren’t the best place to try and conduct conversations.

So, after washing my hands I had to dry them. It was then that both I and another guy washing his hands had the same idea. We both proceeded to take a huge amount of time – far longer than required – to dry our hands under the incredibly powerful hand-driers.

The guy tried to continue his call, but after shouting at the caller he eventually had to give in, unable even to drop the call because both his hands were “occupied” and he’d rested the phone against his shoulder.

Silly twunt…