The new cookie law

A law came in a couple of weeks ago which stated that sites should inform and seek consent about cookies from visitors. These cookies are not the biscuit variety, but those little chunks of data which store information about your browsing habits.

I’ve put a message about this on the bottom of coolsmartphone to get implied consent, but I must say.. this law is the biggest load of arse I’ve ever seen.

Now almost every site I visit requires me to click something, or close something, or type something to say that I agree. These can be anywhere on the page – at the top, bottom, right, left.. even floating all over the text. They’re almost as annoying as those “Website survey” popups, which are the worst thing any company ever adds to their site.

So, well done to all those sites ignoring this shambles of a law. Long may you continue to do so, because it’s fu**ing bollocks.