Common Sense doesn’t exist any more

Let me get this off my chest. Those No Win, No Fee solicitors might, for a couple of people, help to get money to feed your family if you’ve lost your job through a work-related incident or accident where safety has been ignored.

Got that.

Those signs that cleaners put up in the toilet when they’re mopping the floor?

I can see the requirement for that.

Floor is being mopped. It will be slippy.


It’s the other signs that get me. The ones that tell you HOW to wash your hands. The ones that TELL YOU that the hot water is.. hot. The ones that tell you that the floor is slippy.. around a swimming pool.


This is what the “something for nothing” and “No Win, No Fee” culture has created.

There’s a blame culture now. We’re a bunch of fucking pansies. People don’t fall over anymore and think, “Woah, that hurt. I’m a right plonker for doing that, I’ll watch out for things in future”.

Oh no. Instead people fall over and think, “Oh, I stubbed my toe – that’s 6 weeks off work and a huge claim to the council for the piece of footpath that they can’t afford to fix”.

Stupid people. That piece of footpath – that bit that’s 5mm higher and the bit you were too busy texting to see – that wasn’t fixed because..

A) You should be looking where you’re going, plonker
B) The council paid out about 2 million to people intent on abusing the system and now can’t afford to fix the path
C) There was nothing wrong with the path in the first place

That gets me riled, sure. However, the signs warning that hot taps produce “hot water” are simply insane.

My son is 4. He goes to pre-school. He’s known for quite some time now that the hot tap is RUDDY HOT and he should expect it to be that way based on the fact that..

A) There’s a red dot on the tap
B) It’s hot

Honestly, what are we all turning into? Sure, I agree with the Prime Minister when he says that we’re turning into a “Something for nothing” society, but he should be actually stopping a lot of the insane claims and punching people in the face if they’ve put a claim in for “Falling over whilst running on snow” or “Hurting my foot on a pavement”

Get some backbone Mr. Government. Get the people in jail to actually suffer. Three meals a day, no work and a free TV isn’t suffering when the workers of the UK are stressing themselves out daily just to afford a roof and a tin of baked beans.

Working hard should equal reward.

Not using your common sense should mean that you learn not to do the same thing again. Hot water. Ouch. Won’t do that again. Lesson learned.

Trying to get something for nothing should equal nothing.